More than having the fear of being in enclosed small places, I also have a fear of death. Not of my own but of the ones I love.  Though I also fear that when I die, I haven’t fulfilled my purpose here on earth, which I would not allow.

Today we learned from the news about someone’s death. Most of the time, these news don’t merit our attention because we don’t know them or know someone closely related to them. But this time, the person who’s in the news was a better half, a soulmate of someone whom we had closely encountered with, the wife of our very own Professor Simbulan.  His class might not have been one of my favorites and I may not be the best person to write about this but I sincerely want to express my sympathies and my reflections toward tragic instances such as this.

I always say I can’t imagine the pain of a person who goes through the loss of someone so dear, so sudden. And I never want to imagine, better yet experience such a feeling. Bottomline is, we’ll never know when we’ll lose someone or lose our own, so always pray, pray and pray and while it’s not yet too late, live your life for God and trust in Him.

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Consistency is the best policy

UPDATE: How dare me forget to credit my best friend and business partner, Ian Santos who has helped  (and has always been helping) me to conceptualize this design concept I used for my brochure and eventually adapted as a design for my CV and everything else. Since we plan to use this as our future design when we revamp WittyMinds, we shall be using this design concept (with different approaches) in all our collaterals such as CV and social networking accounts.

For my backgrounds that is.

Today I decided to make the backgrounds of all  my social networking accounts uniform. The design is in honor of my cv, although originally it was the design of the brochure I submitted as final project for my Communication Styles and Trends class. I liked it so I put a ring on it. #corny

OC153 Final Project

So, friends please check out my accounts, follow/add me, and I’ll follow you if I haven’t. Here’s my tumblr and my twitter. I also posted my CV (see one of the pages tab above) for reference.

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Today is the day

I submitted a lot of job applications last night using my totally revamped CV because I was starting to get worried that all jobs might have already been taken. And thank God (literally and everything-ly), I got calls today. Yes, callssss from reputable companies. Very, very promising.

And yes I went to an interview today and got accepted! Yay!

But I just want to share this photo of Kim Chiu I saw on Goya chocolates. I don’t know but there’s just something wrong with her smile. Do you think? Her upper lip is missing. Hehee.

What's wrong Kim? What's wrong?

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And I’m back

I have been contemplating whether to go back to blogging or not just because I can’t decide which of my blogs to use. Will it be my tumblr, here at my wp account or make another one on blogspot or another wp blog. I was thinking that maybe my username here on wp is a bit weird or college-ish. But I figured, since this is where I have written decent blogs for my OC153 class, I will make this my official blog!
I also realize how important it is to have a blog especially since right now, I am a fresh grad itching to get employed and put my skills to good use. Even if I’m enjoying my vacation and the opportunity to focus on our design business, WittyMinds Design Studio I would really like to go out and join the corporate world. I missing the pressure that UP has given me for the past four years. I guess. 🙂
Well this is it for a start. Just so you know that I am back to blogging and will be updating this site from time to time now. I have so much to share! 🙂
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Are you contagious?

Last September 25, the 3-day Unilab Ideas Positive Youth Camp has culminated with a competition among the top 5 schools that participated in its “research-based social marketing initiatives among college students that promote or advance health and wellness at the community level” viral video contest.

I bet you are!

About Ideas Positive
Ideas Positive: The Unilab Youth Camp for Change is organized by United Laboratories, Inc. (UNILAB) in collaboration with Ogilvy Public Relations Worldwide-Manila.

The Winners
After surviving a stressful judging process from a highly reputable roster of jurors, Team BIGGKAS from the University of Asia and Pacific emerged as the winner with their project about Hydroponic Farming.

Grand Prize Winner Team Biggkass of the University of Asia and the Pacific with Dr. Oscar Tinio, Mark Ruiz, Bert Manlapit, and Jack Orendain

Too bad our entry from UP Manila didn’t make it but still it’s a good experience to be able to attend Unilab’s Ideas Positive culminating activity. Besides the free food and snacks (yummy!), the lessons that we were able to learn from the notable people who were present there inspired us to do something , too to make a change in our own little way.

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Tech Savvy Obituary

We had this homework for our PhilArts 126 class under Sir Chong to write our own obituaries. I was too lazy to do it at first because I hated writing. But as I started typing, I remembered Sir Chong saying that we think about how we want to be remembered. So, I imagined how I want my life to be. Then I wrote it.

My obituary is too long to paste here, it’s what happens when I get carried away. I will be including excerpts though. But if you want to read the whole thing, you can check it out on my Facebook.

After I was done writing, I found it funny that a life story of a 95-year-old woman in year 2086 can be very tech savvy.  At least mine is going to be.

Excerpt #1:
After years of hard work, Marj, together with her husband Ian, who was a long-time boyfriend turned partner in life, just as everyone expected, was able to turn their humble online graphic design studio, Witty Minds, to a full pledge advertising agency which earned them quarter of the shares in, from which they started, because of the unimaginable publicity their company was able to give them.

As it has been featured in my blog so many times, here's our humble online business.

Yes, I plan to make our humble online business to something big in the near future.

Excerpt #2:
Other than the successful ad agency, they also own a clothing company–shirts to be exact, called Monster Machine. Each design was meticulously vectored by the two during their younger years and now being continued on by their three lovely children.

The first monster tee I customized from scratch.

Yes, too, I would want to be vector savvy until my hands go shaking.

And finally, my ultimate dream. Hope this comes true. Well, I’ll work on it if I really want to.

Excerpt #3:
We will also remember her through her works of art: the print ads and ads you see on the television (or Youtube) so to speak.

Watch our for a loaded Youtube channel by 2086!

Nowadays, we still find oldies who are tech savvy to be so cool and out-of-the-box like Lola Techie. But by 2086, all these will not be so new anymore and the oldies, who will be us for the next 50 years, will probably be called senior netizens instead.

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The darkest days of my life were during the times my brother and I had to share a laptop, my laptop, mind you. There was never a time that we didn’t nag each other so we can have our turn. Thanks to that laptop breaking down, my daddy had to give me a pretty pink Sony Vaio as a gift for my 18th birthday. While my brother, too stingy to buy a brand new laptop for himself, had the old one fixed. From that day on, we only had to fight over who gets more potatoes from Mommy’s Nilagang Buto-Buto or Chicken Afritada.

You won't miss him in this photo! In case you're wondering, we're 7 long years apart.

Internet-surfing was a breeze until… 2010 and Facebook has become outrageously famous not just among teenagers and yuppies but as well as mommies, daddies and even… grannies.

My mom is now on Facebook (Did you cringe, too?). Since she created her account, she felt the need to check on it everyday. She is always excited by the new (or old) people she meets on Facebook like former classmates and colleagues. Having siblings abroad, she also uses Facebook as an avenue to get updates from them especially now that one of her sisters is going balikbayan this October.

My mom's Facebook account.

So the darkest days of my life seem to be all coming back to me now because this time, I (or kuya, whoever is online) had to share the laptop with my mom. She always says that she’ll only check for a few minutes, a few minutes that turns to an hour… or so. Because she surfs the internet during the evening, and I had to finish some of my requirements, too, I had to stay up late. Then, she reprimands me for staying up late. If only I had the heart to tell her why I had to.

However, I’m not against my mom being on Facebook. I just don’t want her being in the same network as I am because I still have secrets and thoughts that we can’t laugh at yet right now. Those would have to wait first. I am just suggesting, too that since she’s so active online, she should buy herself her own laptop. Or better yet, buy me a new Macbook Pro and she can have my cute pink Sony Vaio all to herself. That’s a very good deal I think.

Me and my mom. Just because. (Christmas, 2008)

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