My first ever blog, really.

As the title of this post suggests, this is, really the first ever blog that I have written all my life. For one, I might have created blogs before but have never really managed it seriously. Second, I have never written a decent blog for the sole purpose of blogging because I don’t really find myself that interesting for people to want to know more about my thoughts. Seriously, do you?

I made  a blog before [actually I just consider them notes] to rant about this ‘girl’ I really hated by answering her blogs through my blogs. And another one,  to show someone how deeply sorry I was by writing poems and using a domain name that will boost that person’s ego. It lasted for 3 days. Both of which, I only did as a result of my paranoid tendencies.

Since this time, the only choice I have is between setting up a serious one or getting my ass kicked, I choose the former. Maybe it’s about time, too that I discover a new skill, blogging, that I can somehow say another thing that I can be good at [because I have never thought of it that way, never crossed my mind even].

Now about the title of my blog, The Creaturesque. I thought of this name while I was in the shower, just like how I thought of all my ideas in the past which turn out to be, well, good. I wasn’t quite sure about the meaning at first but this came up as a result of myself trying so hard to visualize how my theme would look. A desperate theme designer that I am, I based my blog title on the elements that I want to put in my theme, which I think you can already guess… yes, a big, furry, one-eyed, confused-looking monster. Thus the root word CREATURE . It’s also based on one other factor: for my blog title to tell you in one look that I am quite artistic and this is something that I want to invest in because as a low self-esteemed creature that I am, this is the only side of me I feel confident about and maybe prosper on in the future. Thus the suffix[?] ‘ESQUE’ taken from the word picturesque which is from the Italian word pittoresco and from that word pittore which means painter. Thus the tagline, thoughts of a digital painter. So much for etymology.

Mind you, this name was originally thought-of but when I googled it, it turns out that some random band have this name as the title of one of their albums and one random tumblr account named after it. I didn’t know, so I didn’t care. I already liked this name *throws tantrums* [and I honestly have no more time to think of another one, it’s june 19 already for crying out loud!] So the hell with all those other stuff named The Creaturesque. Let’s just share. 🙂

If you’re reading this blog and noticed that the theme I was blabbing about is not yet set up, that is because this blog entry is due June 19, and I’m writing this blog entry June 19 [and honestly because I’m still figuring out the works]. Don’t get disappointed though, I’ll have ‘the theme’ up and running in no time [pressure]. I don’t want my artsy-fartsy gift [the only gift, why oh why] go to waste.

So… that’s it for now. I hope my blog challenged your perception of me and you would go comment. Now, I shall go and make my theme.

About Marj Casal

Maria Angelica Nepomuceno Casal is a student of the University of the Philippines Manila and this blog is created as part of the requirements of my OC152 class. And might as well be a long term hobby.
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One Response to My first ever blog, really.

  1. Gel says:

    Here it is Marj: 🙂

    You need the links diba? Don’t forget to remind people to give you the links! Haha

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