do know the way to go!

Yes, this is my 5th commblog post and not merely a part of my SULIT banner contest entry promotions (well, yes, sort of. :] ).

SULIT surely knows how to exhaust the potentials of new social media.

They just launched a promo, a banner contest in line with the celebration of their 4th anniversary as well as to promote their new slogan, “Buy it. Sell it. SULIT.” This promo was promoted on their website (  and solely online. And not surprisingly, the news is spreading like wildfire also because of the mechanics of the contest which serves as a double purpose.

These are the mechanics of the contest:

HOW TO JOIN (3 steps):
1. Create a banner creatively displaying and depicting the new tagline of

“Buy It. Sell It. Sulit.”

Take into consideration the following technical specifications:

  • File formats allowed: .jpg, .bmp, .png
  • File size: Not more than 10MB
  • Allowed dimensions (any):
    – 300 x 250 pixels (Medium Rectangle)
    – 728 x 90 pixels (Leaderboard)
    – 468 x 60 – (Full Banner)
  • Resolution: at least 72dpi
NOTE: A PSD file of the official logo is available below. Should you need to use it for your banner, simply click on either of the links below to download: Logo PSD Format Logo in JPG and PSD Format (.zip)

2. Post the photo you created on your blog (outside and link it to .  As a caption, include the following content below the banner: is the leading buy and sell website in the Philippines. Post advertisements or find great deals at

Celebrate 4th Anniversary! Join the Sulit Banner Making Contest for July and get a chance to win cool gadgets from,, and GadgetGrocery. com!

NOTE: Create a catchy and creative title for the blog post. If you wish to write a short description or story behind your photo, you may do so.

3. Once published, submit the URL of your photo blog post through any of the following means:

  • Email to
  • Post a reply to this forum announcement

Include your complete name, Sulit username, email address, and contact numbers.

NOTE: You will NOT submit the photo. You will post it on your blogs, and you will submit the URL of the blog post where it can be seen.

Read more:!

and for an entry to win as People’s choice, (where in the winner gets to own a Blackberry Curve, neat!), his/her entry should be posted  and re-posted by other people on different websites as a blog, uploading it as a photo or in an album won’t count. 1 unique website is equal to 1 entry.

What a smart idea SULIT had, they won’t even need to promote this themselves because the contestants will just do it for them. Brilliant. Although the mechanics for re-posting is kind of exhaustive and will really need a whole lot of convincing powers.

I hope that in the future, other companies, brands as well who are not yet embracing the new social media, discover this potential and like SULIT, get more, for less.

About Marj Casal

Maria Angelica Nepomuceno Casal is a student of the University of the Philippines Manila and this blog is created as part of the requirements of my OC152 class. And might as well be a long term hobby.
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3 Responses to do know the way to go!

  1. Gel says:

    I agree that this campaign is brilliant! Yes, the prizes are enticing, but the contest sounds fun in itself! Exercising those designer muscles surely feel good! Plus, seeing the banner you made in their site is more than fulfilling. Sulit surely knows how rewards go in the online community. It is refreshing to find companies that know how to promote their brand while empowering their customers. 🙂

  2. Jenny says:

    This campaign is one example of how organizations promote collaboration, cocreation, and connectivity among its customers or target audiences. A win-win situation for Sulit and the participants. 🙂 The company is able to save much resources, not just financial but also time, effort, and some creativity, in promoting their brands. This campaign will surely widen the market of the company! On the other hand, the participants are given the chance to share, to have fun and to learn from each other as well.:)

  3. thehappykimy says:

    Hi marj, I hope you win the contest!:)

    The concept of the contest comes to me like a public account bidding, only, with an additional (inherent) requirement for bidders to advertise SULIT. The contestants act like agencies that pitch for their design to be used by the organization. SULIT shows that they are like giving them rewards for managing their free media value. It appears like a cost cutting strategy wherein the organization, Sulit, appropriates the same and single budget for the exposure activities, and brand packaging in the form of the reward to the best banner. Nevertheless, it is really wise for SULIT to engage customers in a contest to manage their promotions and make the contestant do something to favor the organization more than the contestants do.

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