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Hollywood Twitter Trivia Collection that will make you say, “Seriously?!”

Because my brain cells have been juiced to death by blogging about seemingly nose-bleeding topics (READ: The Multiply Series), I have decided to go for something light, funny and will make you want to comment on my post. From Multiply … Continue reading

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The Multiply Series: Is Multiply Trust™ really necessary?

What is the advantage of enrolling in Multiply Trust™? Gaining a customer’s trust is crucial to getting their business. When you enroll in Multiply Trust™ as either a Verified Seller, Verified Business or Trusted Business, we will display a special … Continue reading

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The Multiply Series: When should you blog about an annoying customer/seller on OFFICIALLY BANNED?

Officially Banned ( is like Multiply’s virtual police station/jail. Scammed buyers and sellers come together in this group to blog about their horrible experiences, post photos of the culprit so other Multiply users can side and give their take on … Continue reading

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The Multiply Series: A designer’s take on credibility

Hello folks, it’s been a while since I last updated my blog. Acads, business and so much more are to be blamed of course… okay, a little procrastination on my part, too. So getting to business, if you’ll notice, the … Continue reading

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If only I can shove this to their faces

I’d like to thank first my bff, Larraine Carpeso, for sharing this comic from Just when I thought I can never express the misery and frustration I’m feeling inside, this comic translated how I was feeling and kind of … Continue reading

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