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We had this homework for our PhilArts 126 class under Sir Chong to write our own obituaries. I was too lazy to do it at first because I hated writing. But as I started typing, I remembered Sir Chong saying that we think about how we want to be remembered. So, I imagined how I want my life to be. Then I wrote it.

My obituary is too long to paste here, it’s what happens when I get carried away. I will be including excerpts though. But if you want to read the whole thing, you can check it out on my Facebook.

After I was done writing, I found it funny that a life story of a 95-year-old woman in year 2086 can be very tech savvy.  At least mine is going to be.

Excerpt #1:
After years of hard work, Marj, together with her husband Ian, who was a long-time boyfriend turned partner in life, just as everyone expected, was able to turn their humble online graphic design studio, Witty Minds, to a full pledge advertising agency which earned them quarter of the shares in, from which they started, because of the unimaginable publicity their company was able to give them.

As it has been featured in my blog so many times, here's our humble online business.

Yes, I plan to make our humble online business to something big in the near future.

Excerpt #2:
Other than the successful ad agency, they also own a clothing company–shirts to be exact, called Monster Machine. Each design was meticulously vectored by the two during their younger years and now being continued on by their three lovely children.

The first monster tee I customized from scratch.

Yes, too, I would want to be vector savvy until my hands go shaking.

And finally, my ultimate dream. Hope this comes true. Well, I’ll work on it if I really want to.

Excerpt #3:
We will also remember her through her works of art: the print ads and ads you see on the television (or Youtube) so to speak.

Watch our for a loaded Youtube channel by 2086!

Nowadays, we still find oldies who are tech savvy to be so cool and out-of-the-box like Lola Techie. But by 2086, all these will not be so new anymore and the oldies, who will be us for the next 50 years, will probably be called senior netizens instead.


About Marj Casal

Maria Angelica Nepomuceno Casal is a student of the University of the Philippines Manila and this blog is created as part of the requirements of my OC152 class. And might as well be a long term hobby.
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6 Responses to Tech Savvy Obituary

  1. Zid says:

    Making a mark on people is certainly the hardest part when contemplating about mortality. As Sir Chong said, “We’re afraid of being forgotten.” I do feel that it is our pride that drives us to try and make sure that we made a good impression with the people we meet. It is nice to know that we now have the power to somehow control how people perceive us, thanks in part to Facebook and Twitter. 🙂

  2. blahblahblogsheet says:

    I completely agree with your idea of “Senior netizens.” We are part of the generation who spend most of their lives online. I won’t be surprised that even on our death bed, we have a laptop on our hands. For me this is quite a good thing, we deviated from the usual oldies-hate-techies. And Lola Techie? I can imagine us being like her in the future.

  3. thehappykimy says:

    The older people who cant manage to always go out are usually staying home, watching tv, staring at the horizon. It is good that there is now the internet that they can use to spend much of their time. Unlike the students, they can and have the right to go online many times and whenever they want. During this time they do not have much obligation and deadlines to finish. It is the luxury of time they got that most elderly are always wired and develop techie skills.:)

  4. Hi Marj! I like the “senior netizens” part. 😀 Makes me wonder what the next generation will be called. It’s great that we do include NSM with our future because I believe it’s not a fad, yes, it’s here to stay. Not only do we include it but we already consider it as something that will play a big role in our life so as to determine the success that we will have. And it’s starting now. What great training we had to learn more about this aspect, we will *hopefully* start shifting the perceptions of the companies that we will enter after graduation. 🙂

  5. melem1 says:

    Senior citizens are not all that bad in technology. One actually taught me how to fix a modem a couple of months ago. I know senior citizens who are very much active in FB (more so than I am)

    One of the most intellectually stimulating moments of my life is having conversations with senior citizens. They really do have a way of looking at things and they really help open up new horizons. Guess its a lesson that not everything that is new is justified to replace what is old. We should find ways to integrate new and old knowledge not bash the ‘traditionalists’ and the ‘passe’

    Like the obituary by the way. Should’ve taken Philarts 126 🙂

  6. discraft says:

    If I were to die soon, I wouldn’t want it to be all over Facebook and Twitter. I acknowledge that we are part of the New Netizens, but I would still want to be remembered without having to be a status or a note on Facebook. If people were to remember me, I will definitely make sure that it is on a more personal level. To an extent that they will spend their time weeping and crying instead of tapping away on their key boards. I guess, it’s really relative, the idea of the future. But I did get chills when you described your plan for your online business. I’ve seen you work when we were in Manila Water, Inc. and I know that this is not at all impossible to do for you. Especially now, that you have someone to share it with! God bless on that Marj! 🙂

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