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I’ve had an account in Twitter since forever but it’s only now that I am actually getting the hang of it. It’s only now that I realized how amazing it is that I can actually follow celebrities and get tweets right from the horse’s (or bird’s?) mouth. I guess what made me not so amazed before at the thought of getting to follow celebrities is that I wasn’t sure if the person behind the tweets are indeed the celebrities themselves.

And then there’s the Verified Account feature.

Twitter Verified Account

Have you ever wondered how this thing works? And have you asked yourselves how famous should you be to get verified? Well, now you’ll know.

The idea of having accounts verified started when a lawsuit was filed by St. Louis Cardinals manager Tony La Russa over fake tweets made in his name.

Tony La Russa is the one on the right

The experiment began with “public officials, public agencies, famous artists, athletes, and other well-known individuals at risk of impersonation.” So, basically “any account with a Verified Badge is a Verified Account. Twitter uses this to establish authenticity of well-known accounts so users can trust that a legitimate source is authoring their Tweets.”

Verified Twitter Accounts

Did you know that not only accounts of famous people can be verified; even for ordinary people like us who may be experiencing identity confusion can apply to be verified, although this is still closed for now because developments are on going.

You may view a complete list of the verified accounts through this @verified twitter account.

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Hollywood Twitter Trivia Collection that will make you say, “Seriously?!”

Because my brain cells have been juiced to death by blogging about seemingly nose-bleeding topics (READ: The Multiply Series), I have decided to go for something light, funny and will make you want to comment on my post.

From Multiply to Twitter, I present to you 5 Hollywood Twitter Trivia collection that will make you say “Seriously?!”

#5 Hollywood plastic surgeon first person thought to have died using Twitter

Frank Ryan died in a car crash shortly after using his phone to post a message on the microblogging site. His car veered off a cliff on the California coast.

His last tweet read: “After 25 years of driving by, I finally hiked to the top of the giant sand dune west of Malibu. Much harder than it looks. Whew!”


#4  Jennifer Aniston: I Need a Twitter Account for Rumor Control

Jennifer Aniston creates a Twitter account so her mom would stop bugging her because she heard from some rumor that she was pregnant.

“I guess I just can’t have that extra burger on the weekend,” she jokes about the constant speculation that she has a bun in the oven. “I should just get a Twitter account just for rumor control because if I get one more phone call from my Mom going, ‘Jenny, I know you said you’d tell me if you’re pregnant or getting married, but Aunt Jean just called me.'”

Might not be a bad idea. For the sake of all the Anistons.


#3 Jennifer Aniston ended relationship with John Mayer because of his Twitter ‘obsession’

I can’t imagine how obsessed John Mayer could be for Jenifer Aniston to actually break up with him. Hmmm, I think I’d have to follow him so I know which side I’m going to take. 😛

People claiming to be friends of the actress have told Star magazine that she finished the affair after discovering Mayer, 31, spent hours on the networking website, despite telling her he was too busy to get in touch with her.

The source said: “He didn’t even deny it. He knew he was avoiding her. So when she called him on it and ended things, he just said OK, and that he was sorry it didn’t work out.

“He took the break-up like a man.”

Even so, shortly after Aniston’s call, Mayer’s Twitter update read: ‘This heart didn’t come with instructions.’


#2 Justin Bieber ‘takes revenge on teenage hacker by tweeting his phone number to 4.5m fans’

Let me just say that this is very mature, Bieber. It really is. 😛

On Saturday night Bieber thrilled his 4.5 million followers with a message suggesting they would all have a chance to speak to their hero.

The number is not Bieber’s but instead belongs to a teenager from Detroit called Kevin Kristopik, who earned a degree of notoriety among Bieber-obsessives earlier this year by obtaining the Canadian singer’s private phone number after breaking into the Twitter account of one of his friends.


#1 Island-Def Jam Senior VP gets arrested for not Tweeting.

Police arrested a senior vice president from Bieber’s label, Island Def Jam Records, James A. Roppo, 44, of Hoboken, N.J., saying he hindered their crowd-control efforts by not cooperating. He was in custody Friday night, pending charges that could include criminal nuisance, endangering the welfare of a minor and obstructing government administration, Smith said. “We asked for his help in getting the crowd to go away by sending out a Twitter message,” Smith said. “By not cooperating with us we feel he put lives in danger and the public at risk.”


Now I didn’t know there’s so much happening on Twitter that it makes me want to be active and following every celebrity and be there when they do something crazy.

Old folks may ask, what in the world is happening? Well I guess it’s new social media taking over the universe! Gotta run fast to keep up, I’m getting left behind. 😛

PS: Sorry for the J. Bieber and J. Aniston overload, I just found them really interesting and can’t help but post! I’ll just have to go for part two of my “Twitter Series” and look for other celebs who have Twitter Trivia collection that would make us say, “Seriously?!”

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The Multiply Series: Is Multiply Trust™ really necessary?

What is the advantage of enrolling in Multiply Trust™?

Gaining a customer’s trust is crucial to getting their business. When you enroll in Multiply Trust™ as either a Verified Seller, Verified Business or Trusted Business, we will display a special Multiply badge on your site and your Marketplace listings. That badge tells customers that Multiply has verified your identity, making them feel more comfortable shopping at your store.

As we can see, Multiply is working on the assumption that if a seller is willing to pay more, the more he/she is dedicated to putting up a trustworthy image. Is this really necessary? Or is this just another tactic of Multiply to benefit from what the sellers are getting?

Yes, I know that trust has been an issue in Multiply. With all these online stores sprouting out of nowhere, we don’t really know who to trust. But it paying more, truly the answer to these trust issues? Is subscribing to a premium account (like most sellers did) not enough?

I know that Multiply has good intentions why they put up this Multiply Trust program. Like I’ve discussed in my previous blog, probably, if a seller invests in his/her Multiply layout or this time, like a legitimation process, then maybe the seller is less likely to commit fraudulent actions, less prone to scamming. My only concern here is, how about the pioneer sellers in Multiply who have established their reputations already and who know more than paying money to earn a good image? Are they any less now since some are not really willing to apply for the Multiply Trust program because d*mn, it’s expensive.

Click photo to enlarge

It’s annual but it’s still expensive. Isn’t it better without it? Maybe for new sellers having this is crucial. But for us, who have relatively been in Multiply long enough, we can do without this. I, myself refuse to apply to this program primarily because I have no money to pay for this and clients still come even without this. Besides, I’m already on premium and more importantly, I have never scammed anyone — a fairly better badge than what Multiply Trust can offer.

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The Multiply Series: When should you blog about an annoying customer/seller on OFFICIALLY BANNED?

Officially Banned ( is like Multiply’s virtual police station/jail. Scammed buyers and sellers come together in this group to blog about their horrible experiences, post photos of the culprit so other Multiply users can side and give their take on the story.

To be blogged about in Officially Banned is the last thing a seller would like to happen (for a buyer, sometimes it’s okay especially if he/she uses a different account for online shopping). Once a seller is blogged about in officially banned, it will surely result to a tarnished reputation and he/she will really be required to explain his/herself over and over so he/she could get back to business. But once the news has already spread like wildfire and you just can’t talk it out (a.k.a. if all else fails), make a new account, a new virtual you.

So, when should you blog about a person whom you think is making a fool out of you (in a buyer-seller context)? I will give you 5 stages to ponder about before hitting that publish button.


Initially very enthusiastic but after sealing the deal, turns discreet.

It’s exciting when you found something very unique online after browsing shop by shop. You contact the seller and she immediately responds, gives you the details and asks you to settle the payment. Being the excited human being that you are, you pay right away before asking other couple of details like when you can ship this thing, when will it arrive to me. After settling your payment, the seller gets less interested in answering to your queries and eventually getting no replies at all. Don’t panic, it just seems that way but most probably, the seller is just annoyed getting the same attitude of being “makulit” from a lot of buyers over and over. Your task now is to wait while your order is being processed and try as hard as you can to be patient and not texting the seller every chance you get.


Sun down, Sun up around siesta time, still no update about shipping details.

Giving the seller until around afternoon to ship the item is enough time already (if the agreement is that the item will be shipped within 24 hours). So once it has already reaches this time of the day, it’s time to calmly ask for updates. If you get no reply around 30 minutes to an hour, it’s time to text the seller again and this time sound a bit more critical. If you still get no reply and it is not yet up until (non-mall based) couriers’ closing time (around 5:00 pm), no need to panic yet. We must take into consideration that the seller might be a student who’s still in class or an employee who can’t be out until office hours is over and goes to the mall to ship the items.


Malls are closed already, still no update from the seller.

Some shops have an area in their sites for tracking numbers because sometimes texting the clients one by one can be exhausting. So if it’s already past 9:00pm and you still haven’t gotten your tracking number, go and check the site, let’s give the seller the benefit of the doubt that maybe she doesn’t have load and posted the tracking numbers on her site instead. If you found none, it’s time to text the seller, now sounding more firm, confrontational and with much conviction.  If you still get no reply, call the seller. Still no answer? Don’t blog yet. Kidnap victims are not declared until they have been lost for 48 hours already. (Is this even correct? I’m just guessing.) So let’s give the seller a little more time, and for the buyers a chance to do some research about the seller.


Go and ask other Multiply netizens.

Some Multiply shoppers might have experienced transacting with this seller already, or might be from the same batch of buyers as you are so it would help to do a little research. So if you found a combination of positive and negative feedback about the seller, it won’t hurt to give it a little more time, another 24 hours for the seller to redeem herself.


It’s Time.

Full two days have passed and still no updates through SMS, personal message, e-mail, YM or what have you. No refund whatsoever is taking place, no item is arriving, no updates made through her Multiply site. Don’t wait for other signs anymore, time to share the experience to give that seller her lesson and enlighten other Multiply shoppers in choosing where they shop wisely. Don’t forget to put photos and write the full account of what happened without exaggerating.

These are just personal opinions based on personal experience. Buyers and sellers alike should be careful when blogging about a person’s mishaps because one blog can make or break a person’s reputation. We wouldn’t want to destroy someone’s reputation (especially a seller) when the gravity of what happened between the two of you can fall under the category of catfights and could have been fixed through calm and peaceful communication.

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The Multiply Series: A designer’s take on credibility

Hello folks, it’s been a while since I last updated my blog. Acads, business and so much more are to be blamed of course… okay, a little procrastination on my part, too.

So getting to business, if you’ll notice, the title of this blog has this part: “The Multiply Series”. Well it’s because, you guess, I will be writing a series of blogs related to Multiply (the social networking site) and mostly about trust issues. This may have been talked about a lot of times already but there are factors in Multiply trust issues that may not apply to other online buying and selling sites like Ebay. Factors such as the layout design of the site or what a scammed consumer or seller can do to get back at their enemy. Cat fights in Multiply can get really creative more than you can imagine.

For the first instalment of my “The Multiply Series”, I’d be talking about how a good-looking layout or theme can help online shops gain credibility and some exceptions to the rule.

It gives the shop a good first impression

They say first impressions last. Definitely a nice layout that will greet the visitor upon clicking on an online shop is definitely a plus and will get the visitor to navigate further on your site. Probably if you see a shop with a much cluttered layout and uses a Comic Sans font in rainbow color, you might hit that close tab right away without even looking at the products and the testimonials that can vouch for the seller’s credibility. Humans are indeed very visual (and we, capitalists should take advantage of that).

A shop that invested on a layout gives the buyers a sense of security

A layout design’s cost ranges from P500-P2000 and more. So if a buyer sees a fully revamped site, it gives them the security that the owner of this shop invested on a layout design and thinks that this seller would not have spent a huge amount of money just to lose his/her reputation in the Multiply e-commerce world.

It gives the shop that image that tells the customers: I’M A SERIOUS ENTREPRENEUR

I’m a designer, but at the same time a shopper as well so when I see a Multiply shop (regardless if we designed it or not, mind you I sincerely appreciate the works of other designers) that is neatly organized; the albums are labelled accordingly, the photos are not just hastily taken but even edited to look more presentable, the transactions are neatly posted, no annoying html glitter whatever texts, it attracts me to browse through the products and when I would want to buy, I pursue the transaction because the instructions are so easy to go through, no information overload!

Exceptions to the rule

Tsoknat Bags Pilipinas

It’s not always the case that a good layout dictates a Multiply shop’s reputation and patronage. A very good example of this is Tsoknat Bags Pilipinas. Toni, the owner of this shop has never had her site revamped. She just uses a simple base theme and placed a simple animated header and that’s it. But the flock of customers that visits her site whenever she has a new collection of her handmade bags is unimaginable. People virtually kill each other to get the bag they want since all bags are unique, no design is done more than once. A collection of 30+ or so bags costing around P800-P900 each gets sold out within a span of 24 hours! However, even if Tsoknat Pilipinas do not have an intricately customized site, it has customized album covers for each collection and delicately enhanced photos of her products which covers up for the simple theme.


If Tsoknat is an example of a Multiply shop without a customized layout but is definitely credible and a must-see site, Crave4style is the complete opposite. She had her layout made by one of the more popular designers on Multiply. The designer never expected the owner of the shop to have the makings of a scammer because the latter paid all her balances on time, no complaints whatsoever with regard to payment matters. They had a smooth transaction, so smooth that her designer even ordered from her around a P27,000 worth of Louis Vuitton bag and eventually got scammed after giving her down payment. This happened around 2 years ago and by the time the news erupted about her scamming schemes, she immediately deleted her account.

Moral of the story is, a layout design may help a seller build a reputation in the Multiply e-commerce world but it doesn’t stop there. In a world of virtual faces, without assurances whatsoever, it is important that an online seller backs herself up with proper identification and positive client testimonials for him/her to earn his rightful place in the hearts and shopping list of the new generation (online) consumers.

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If only I can shove this to their faces

I’d like to thank first my bff, Larraine Carpeso, for sharing this comic from Just when I thought I can never express the misery and frustration I’m feeling inside, this comic translated how I was feeling and kind of sums up the pain and sufferings that I have to go through to earn some good ol’ moolah so I can feed my insecurities.

You can check out the full comic here cause I’ll be discussing only a part of it that makes me want to wish that social media platforms are not that accessible to everyone.

This comic basically goes on about a client dictating everything to the designer, making the designer not a designer anymore but like a puppet that the client controls. And the very accessible new social media are what’s making it possible for the client to be a control freak.

Take a look at this strip:


I have never fired a client, no. But I’ve had a lot of fights with clients until I finally realized that I shouldn’t or else I’ll have a very bad reputation of being a client-hater which will result to fewer clients, and no money. Definitely not an option. (Oh my, anything for money, I’d be a slave.)

As you can see in this strip, I sometimes wish that all new social media will just break down especially if my acads and business all piled up and everyone is just nagging, getting angry, and b*tching. And using all means just to get their message across: Personal Message, SMS, phone call, E-mail, YM, my feedback page! You name it, they’ve used it. Sometimes I just can’t take it that I wish there was no means for people to contact me. For that to happen, even for a bit, I intentionally forget to open my social networking accounts. (oh yes I can!)

As I’ve mentioned already in my previous blog, I hate it when my clients call me. Or I just plainly hate when people call me on my cellphone. I would have bought that wireless telephone thing if my goal was to call people, or I would have subscribed to superunli 25, but I did not, I only subscribe to unlitext because I only want to text, I do not want to call! or talk over the phone.. It’s just.. Irritating. I feel pressured when I get calls no matter who the caller is or what it is about. If it’s so important, text me first so I can prepare. Now, if you’re planning to call me in the future, keep that in mind.

So don’t get surprised if one day , I just disappear in your virtual worlds. That means, I’m fed up already and want a little space… and less of new social media. I shall get back in a few days thought if that happens. I still think new social media is cool. If it does not become a means to nag me.  🙂

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Yes, this is my 5th commblog post and not merely a part of my SULIT banner contest entry promotions (well, yes, sort of. :] ).

SULIT surely knows how to exhaust the potentials of new social media.

They just launched a promo, a banner contest in line with the celebration of their 4th anniversary as well as to promote their new slogan, “Buy it. Sell it. SULIT.” This promo was promoted on their website (  and solely online. And not surprisingly, the news is spreading like wildfire also because of the mechanics of the contest which serves as a double purpose.

These are the mechanics of the contest:

HOW TO JOIN (3 steps):
1. Create a banner creatively displaying and depicting the new tagline of

“Buy It. Sell It. Sulit.”

Take into consideration the following technical specifications:

  • File formats allowed: .jpg, .bmp, .png
  • File size: Not more than 10MB
  • Allowed dimensions (any):
    – 300 x 250 pixels (Medium Rectangle)
    – 728 x 90 pixels (Leaderboard)
    – 468 x 60 – (Full Banner)
  • Resolution: at least 72dpi
NOTE: A PSD file of the official logo is available below. Should you need to use it for your banner, simply click on either of the links below to download: Logo PSD Format Logo in JPG and PSD Format (.zip)

2. Post the photo you created on your blog (outside and link it to .  As a caption, include the following content below the banner: is the leading buy and sell website in the Philippines. Post advertisements or find great deals at

Celebrate 4th Anniversary! Join the Sulit Banner Making Contest for July and get a chance to win cool gadgets from,, and GadgetGrocery. com!

NOTE: Create a catchy and creative title for the blog post. If you wish to write a short description or story behind your photo, you may do so.

3. Once published, submit the URL of your photo blog post through any of the following means:

  • Email to
  • Post a reply to this forum announcement

Include your complete name, Sulit username, email address, and contact numbers.

NOTE: You will NOT submit the photo. You will post it on your blogs, and you will submit the URL of the blog post where it can be seen.

Read more:!

and for an entry to win as People’s choice, (where in the winner gets to own a Blackberry Curve, neat!), his/her entry should be posted  and re-posted by other people on different websites as a blog, uploading it as a photo or in an album won’t count. 1 unique website is equal to 1 entry.

What a smart idea SULIT had, they won’t even need to promote this themselves because the contestants will just do it for them. Brilliant. Although the mechanics for re-posting is kind of exhaustive and will really need a whole lot of convincing powers.

I hope that in the future, other companies, brands as well who are not yet embracing the new social media, discover this potential and like SULIT, get more, for less.

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