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Consistency is the best policy

UPDATE: How dare me forget to credit my best friend and business partner, Ian Santos who has helped  (and has always been helping) me to conceptualize this design concept I used for my brochure and eventually adapted as a design … Continue reading

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Today is the day

I submitted a lot of job applications last night using my totally revamped CV because I was starting to get worried that all jobs might have already been taken. And thank God (literally and everything-ly), I got calls today. Yes, … Continue reading

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If only I can shove this to their faces

I’d like to thank first my bff, Larraine Carpeso, for sharing this comic from theoatmeal.com. Just when I thought I can never express the misery and frustration I’m feeling inside, this comic translated how I was feeling and kind of … Continue reading

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What happens in Facebook, stays in Facebook

This is not just another Facebook-related post… Oh, yes it is. But don’t worry, I won’t dwell on the obvious and highly overused side of Facebook this time (I hope). I promise not to bore you since this post is … Continue reading

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The word ‘LIKE’ has never been so overused until..

Facebook, obviously has become a big, big phenomenon. No doubt about that. But within Facebook, one more phenomenon has emerged greatly: that is the Facebook Fan Page. Since anyone and everyone can make a fan page, it can be for … Continue reading

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